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Welcome to Beyond Lifestyle Photography!

“Hi I’m Andrei the owner of Beyond Lifestyle Photography and I can say that I’m here to Capture Awesome Moments together. “

Travelling was always one of my priorities. It was my main goal and objective since I was 20 years old. I had an amazing opportunity to sail around the South of Asia and I’ve discover some great amazing places then I start taking random landscape pictures for the most of the time and now became my passion.

In the present I’m based in Exeter and I’m looking forward for more projects and to develop myself. I’m very flexible as a person and very friendly and chatty.

I still travel a lot and I love to discover new places, meet new people and understand their culture. Photography for me it’s about passion, about what makes me feel alive.

If you would like to collaborate and love my work let’s

“Capture Awesome Moments together. “

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