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Thank you for the reviews & feedback.

Was a pleasure to work with all of you!


27 september 2020

Jade Clarke-Rowell - recommends


  • I worked with Andrei recently and it was a lovely experience. He’s a professional, friendly and talented person, great to work with.

  • He’s good with giving direction and explaining what sort of images he wants to achieve.

  • He picked a stunning location and we managed to get some really nice images.

  • I’ll definitely be working with him again in the future and I definitely recommend him.


27 june 2020

Brighi Mirela - recommends

  • I was very happy to work with Andrei, he is one of the few photographers who is open to any opinion and accepts your advice. I had the best photo sessions with him, the pictures came out exactly as I wanted. I recommend it with all confidence and in the future we will definitely work together.

  • It's very friendly and funny. and first of all it is very exemplary in terms of photography.he is very professional and has great ideas about photo shoots!!! ;x;x;x


30 september 2020

Sylwia Szumielska - recommends

  • I have worked with Andrei recently.

  • Where do I start...he's professional,down to earth, friendly, genuinely lovely person.

  • He's very passionate about photography know exactly what he want to capture and execute that with perfection.

  • He's images tell the story...

  • If you looking for professional photographer he's your man.

  • Highly recommended!


20 october 2020

Popescu Oana - recommends

  • I recommend Andrei with confidence! A friendly person, with a sense of humor and who knows how to make you feel relaxed in front of the camera! Devotion and professionalism, the pictures speak for themselves!


26 november 2019

Annie Drew - recommends

  • Worked with Andrei a fair few times and absolutely love the images from our shoots!

  • So professional, knows what he wants and has amazing ideas! Most of all very friendly and makes you feel very relaxed. Also makes you sure you like the images he had picked before he uploads them.

  • I can't wait for what the future holds for our plans.

  • 1000000%%% recommend to every model. Annie x.


Kitty Catson

5 october 2020

Kitty Catson  recommends

  • I had my second shoot with Andrei yesterday and he's always such a pleasure to work with. He's kind, funny, patient and has an incredibly creative eye. I would recommend him to anyone and can't wait to work with him again.


Jules Roberts

15 march 2020

Jules L Roberts - recommends

  • I totally recommend Andrei Moșoiu as a photographer, he has great vision and is very skilled at capturing the moment. I had a photoshoot with my beloved horse and the results are outstanding and images I will always treasure. :X

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